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Nizhny Novgorod province

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Escape from Glamour
There is unique situation in Russian photography. Photojournalism, which was the fundamental of native photography, dying. Glamour magazines occupied whole press market. Newspaper editors cutting stuff photographer positions and overman advertising section. There isn't almost no one native magazine or newspaper which publish social or news photography. Internet is a last shelter for reporters, making unglamour truly photo stories. This is independent nonprofit Web server, which collecting such photography. At the beginning, only one photographer represents his images. But, we hope in nearest future, another cameras will enjoy our picture collection. Most of our pages wrote in Russian, but we'll be happy to answer any questions from foreign guests. Any image can be bought by Email or phone.

Sometimes searching between old silver negatives brings more than continuous shooting. This exhibition born from boxes with last 90-th b&w film images. One of the hardest period of local life: mid 90th, when economic reforms happend in Russia, reflected in that photographs. This exhibition became possible thanks to digital technologies, because many pictures were not useful for direct silver printing. There was the next quality step in b&w film photography. Exposition situated in Russian State Photography Museum in 2010.



Photo exhibition "Obraz.jpg" exposed in Russian State Photography Museum in 2005. It collected images, made with combining film and digital technologies. It were early experiments with digital processing of film images. Some pictures combining color and b&w aesthetics in a single frame. Some pictures were the attemt to use colour as a means of expression in the monochrome image. Pictures taken between 1980th and early 2000th in a different techniques - both film and digital.